A JS PacMan clone from 1998


The below is a PacMan clone written in JavaScript I created in 1998, included in my very first application for a paying programming job during high school (I got the job).

This is the original JS code as I wrote it in 1998, I made zero changes except to properly integrate the (original) graphics. It was optimized for the then cutting-edge Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4, and today (2013) it still runs exactly as intended unmodified in all modern browsers.

The web is pretty amazing. Nik


Press START to start. Click on the arrow icons to navigate the space ship through the asteroid field (yeah, it's cumbersome, but that was the best way I knew to do it back then). Collect all the screws but don't get hit by the drifting asteroids. Reload the page to start a new game.